Animal Biotechnology and Acquacolture

Field of interest:

  1. The study of fish intestinal microbiome by a metagenomic approach. The aim is to assess the effects of nutrition and genetic background on the functional microbiota, i.e, how changes in microbiota species diversity and richness are associated to changes in the transcriptome of the intestinal microbiota and secondly on fish transcriptomics. 
  2. Identification and characterization of molecular biomarkers related to productive traits (growth, lipid metabolism, diseases and stress resistance) in different marine and freshwater teleosts. The ultimate goal of this research is to develop new bio-technological tools for the sustainable development and validation of new fish feeds, using safe alternative raw materials and additives to improve the overall performance and health status of farmed fish, also preserving the nutritive value of marked fish.

Staff and contacts

Find us: Campus Bizzozero, via Dunant 3 21100 Varese, green floor