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 Prof. Giuseppe Crosa – Associate Professor (Ecology)   

Contact Details:

Department of Biotechnology and Molecular Sciences, Via Dunant, 3 - 20100 Varese  

Telephone: internal 534  external ++ 38 0332 421534      

Fax: ++ 38 0332 421554   Email:


Key Qualifications:

Giuseppe Crosa, born in 1959. In 1984 he graduated in Biological Sciences at the Faculty of Science of the University of Milan (Italy) and in 1993 become Researcher at the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Milan. From 2000 he is Associate Professor of Ecology at the University of Insubria where he is leader of the Ecology Unit. Since 2001 is member of the executive committee of the Italian Society of Ecology.

His studies are mainly devoted to the ecological assessment and management of the inland water bodies in European, Asian and Africa regions. In this field he addressed the ecological and biological implications of the fluvial physical properties and the application of numerical analysis techniques to observational field data for the study of the aquatic communities.

During his periods of research within the Onchocerciasis Control Programme in West Africa he gained experience on the study of tropical freshwater systems. More recently, he addressed the problems of water quality management of regulated rivers in arid zones (Central Asia).

From 1995 he was on duty in different international scientific programs and committees on water-quality related problems.


Scientific Commitments:

                 - Invited Lecturer on River habitat analysis for the hydraulic resources (Department of Zoology of the University of Leicester, UK).

                - Invited Lecturer on “Land Problems in Italy” (Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at the University of Nanjing, RPC).

                - Temporary Adviser in the GEMS/Water Expert Consultation on the Assessment of  Land-Based Source of Pollution (WHO). Responsibilities: Italian representative.

                - Member of the University of Milan team in a field campaign on the Yangtze river  jointly with the University of Nanjing (RPC). Responsibility: biological monitoring.  


Recent scientific pubblication

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