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The researches focus on the ecological functioning and biological diversity of water courses. Attention is given to the formal description of the relationships between the physical habitats and the aquatic communities both for natural and regulated rivers. Main task of these researches is the development of basic knowledge to be used for the development of stream restoration and monitoring procedures.

More recently specific researches are finalised to investigate the quality of the Amu Darya river (Central Asia) with particular attention to the flow-salinity relationships and the implications for the human uses of the waters.

This project is supported by financial support of EU-INTAS.

Click on the map of the Amu Darja region to see a movie of the Aral Sea dessiccation from 1960 to 1996:download freely Quick Time to start. 

(The digital elevation map produced by NOAA National Data Center; movie from the Aral Sea home page)


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