The main subject of research is genetic engineering and fermentation of microorganisms with the purpose of efficiently producing high value metabolites, such as antibiotics, and recombinant proteins/enzymes of biotechnological relevance. Within this context, two main streams of research are active:

  • Biotechnological exploitation of uncommon and industrially relevant microorganisms, with a particular focus on actinomycetes producing antibiotics. Currently mechanisms of resistance and production are being investigated in actinomycetes producing glycopeptides. Actinomycetes are also studied as a source of novel enzymes for the selective modification of complex molecules such as antibiotics.
  • Improvement of peptide and protein production in native and heterologous hosts by strain manipulation and optimization of fermentation conditions. This work is done in synergy with the research topics of “The Protein Factory” Research Centre established between the University of Insubria and the Politecnico of Milano.

Fermentation platform

Shakers at different temperatures allow 100 ml to 2 l shaken flask fermentations. Three Applikon fermentors of 3 l working volume are operative for actinomycetes fermentation and heterologous protein production in Escherichia coli and Streptomyces spp.