Our Centre

The Research Centre in Osteoarchaeology and Paleopathology, established within the Department of Biotechnology and Life Sciences, promotes archaeological and anthropological investigations in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage , with Museums and other public and private entities that pursue the same purposes.

It offers didactic and internship activities, directly on the places of discovery , within the Degree Courses in Biological Sciences, Sport Sciences, Communication Sciences and Medicine and Surgery, thus promoting the development of an interdisciplinary approach between archaeological and biomedical sciences in the historical, anthropological and paleopathological Research

The Centre, every year, carries out archaeological research and study of human remains directly on the sites. It preserves bone remains recovered from archaeological excavations of cemeterial and necropolis contexts, ranging from the Iron Age to the Modern Age.

It supports, promotes and implements initiatives aimed at the enhancement, conservation and fruition of the Heritage, proposing plans for excavation, recovery, restoration, study and museum displaying of Cultural Heritage.