Field Research

The Scientific Research, didactic activities and training, as well as the promotion and enhancement of the historical-archaeological heritage, are part of the main activities of the Center.
Here are described the research activities carried out in the archaeological sites under investigations

Archaeological and Bioarchaeological field-investigations

The Centre obtained funding for the archaeological excavation of cemetery areas and for the study of human remains, in order to expand the paleodemographic data by relating the results with physical anthropology analyses. The interest of the Centre has also expanded towards the study of ancient funeral rituals. In parallel with the purposes of physical and cultural anthropology, the Centre aims to contribute to the enhancement of the sites. 

Anthropological Analyses

The study of skeletal remains from archaeological sites is addressed with the aim of reconstructing the biological profile, living conditions, health status, cause of death and other characteristics of the ancient populations. Laboratory investigations are aimed at investigating the biological features of the individuals (age, sex, diet, physical activity, trauma, etc.) and allow reconstructing the life and behaviors of the subjects, in relation to the living environment.
The laboratory expertise are expressed in the observation of specific diagnostic elements on human remains , in collaboration with external structures. The sites from which the studied samples come are listed below:

1)         Angera: burials from Via greppi and via Mentana; burials from Via Repubblica

2)         Azzio: Crypt of the Church of the Convent of Sant’Eusebio and Sant’Antonio , XVII-XVIII centuries

3)         Besnate: San MArtino Church, XII-XVI secolo

4)         Besozzo: San Nicone, Middle Age

5)         Busto Arsizio: Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo in Sacconago, XIV century

6)         Caravate: Church of Sant’Agostino, VIII-IX centuries

7)         Casalzuigno: Oratory of San Bernardino in Aga, X-XV century

8)         Cassano Magnago: Church of San Giulio, VIII-IX century

9)         Castelveccana: Church of San Giorgio, Middle Age-XVI century

10)       Cittiglio: Church of San Biagio, XI-XVI centuries

11)       Gavirate: Cloister of the Benedictine monastery of Voltorre, XII century

12)       Gemonio: burials of via Fiume

13)       Ispra: Church of San Martino, VIII-X centuries

14)       Mornago: Church of San Michele, VII-VIII centuries

15)       Morazzone: Church of La Maddalena, XIII century

16)       Somma Lombardo, Church of San Sebastiano, Coarezza, XVI century

17)       Varese: area of San Vittore; Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte; Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo in Biumo Inferiore

18)       Vedano Olona: Curch of San Pancrazio, Middle Age

19)       Viggiù: burials of via Parrocchiale