Osteo-archaeology Insubria Summer School 2020

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The school is open to graduate and post-graduate students in archaeology, anthropology, biology and related disciplines from any country and institutions.

The school, supported by the UNESCO chair in bioethics (Haifa), will take place on the archaeological sites in the Varese Province from the 27th of July to the 2nd of August.

The working week will be structured around in different training activities that are divided into field practice experience, laboratories and frontal lessons. The scheduled training activities are as follows: 14 hours of field excavation, 28 hours of field-laboratory activities and 14 hours of frontal lectures.

Excavations will be held in the two medieval sites of Cittiglio and Caravate: field activities include archaeological practice, statigraphic investigation, bioarchaeological recovery of human remains and taphonomic analysis. Laboratory activities will be held on the site immediately after the excavations and comprise of cleaning, restoring, labeling and analyzing of human skeletal remains. 
Frontal lectures will be conducted by different discipline specialists in: osteology and anatomy, funerary archaeology, taphonomy, cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, paleopathology, microscopic histology, paleoradiology, archaeometry, archaeogenomic, ethic and legislation on anthropological heritage.

Applicants to the Summer School must send their detailed curriculum vitae and the application form to be evaluated by the school commission.

CV and applications must be addressed to Info.InsubriaOISS@gmail.com no later than May the 4th 2020. The registration evaluations are strictly related to the respect of the indicated deadlines. The program accepts a limited number of participants and applications will be evaluated on the basis of the students background and according to the available places.

A certificate of participation will be released and the school activities are recognized for the purpose of acquiring training academic credits from the University (3 ECTS Credits).
The participation fees amount to 500€ and cover general excavation and laboratory equipment, lodging and meals. Fees do not include transportation, personal gear, or any other costs not expressly specified.
The registration fees must be sent to the secretariat of the Department of Biotechnologies and Life Sciences – University of Insubria, through a bank transfer payment, after the confirmation of acceptance to the program. The details of payments will be communicated through the e-mail confirmation. Students are required to pay in full the fees within 10 days from the receipt of confirmation.
Students will be hosted in locations near the sites of excavation and all the meals will be guaranteed (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the working period from Monday to Sunday, in proximity to the working places.